Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day to Night Look

Juggling work & play can be a tough thing, especially if you work a lot or you work long hours & can't afford to spend much time to get dolled up to go out with friends or to a birthday party. Changing between a day & night look doesn't have to be time consuming though if you plan ahead a little. Through a pictorial, I'm going to show you how to go from a day look to a night look in just 10 minutes (or under)!

So 1st I'm going to start off with my...

Day Look

[Click images to enlarge]

This is a business casual look. I am in love with blazers, so here I paired up a gray blazer with a black tank & denim. My hair is tied loosely behind, allowing a few short strands to frame my face & I'm wearing silver, pointed kitten heels. As for accessories, I have dark gray hoop earrings, a long black & gray bead necklace that I've knotted, my watch, & 10 bangles on. Nothing in this look is loud.
Here's a close up of the eye makeup that I'm wearing. I have MAC eyeshadow in Girlie all over my lid & on my lower lashline. I have MAC's Cranberry eyeshadow in the outer V & crease & I used Prestige eyeshadow in Angel as a highlight & on the tear duct.
On some skin tones & depending on the shade of the eyeshadow, pinks can be really vibrant, but the pinks that I chose are not too bold on my skin tone, especially after blending. Since my accessories & clothes weren't too colourful, I used colour on my eyes. Part of the reason I used colour is also because whenever people mention a day look or a work-friendly look, most people automatically go for the neutrals & browns. However, personally I think that coloured eyeshadow is acceptable in the workplace if you choose the right colours that go with your skin tone as long as the makeup isn't bright.

Here's a closer look at the products that I used for the day look:

I wore the same jewelry for both looks.

  • Jeans from Dynamite
  • Blank tank from Suzy Shier
  • Gray Blazer from H&M
  • Kitten Heels from ShoeMart (Dubai)

  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Honey
  • NYX blush in Dusty Rose
  • MAC eyeshadow in Girlie
  • MAC eyeshadow in Cranberry
  • Prestige eyeshadow in Angel
  • Nivea Caregloss
  • Almay blendable eye pencil in black
  • Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara in 02 Black

Now for my...

Night Look

As I mentioned above, I wore the same jewelry for both looks. To start off the transition, the only thing in my outfit that I changed was my blazer & shoes. I exchanged the kitten heel for a sexy, silver high heel & I chose a leopard print blazer. Even though the colours on the blazer are still neutral (white, gray, & black), the print makes a statement on its own. Also, I don't think a night out means showing skin. A well tailored blazer paired with your fave pair of jeans & some high heels can be just as sexy as a dress or skirt. The clothes have to make you feel sexy & you have to have the confidence to pull it off.

  • Blazer from Forever 21 (Oh, how I love that store)
  • Silver high heels from Wal-Mart - I got these before any other store had this design. I remember seeing it in all the shoe stores later & Le Chateau had them for $60 or something ridiculous, but I got em on sale from Wal-Mart for $10 :D woohoo!
Since this look doesn't require me to change my bottoms/jeans/pants, it makes it much easier to go through the day to night transition. I can just change my blazer & shoes in the car or in the washroom! On the other hand, if I had to change my jeans, I probably wouldn't change in the car (umm, do I need to explain why? hehe) & I wouldn't change in the washroom either because do I really want my jeans touching the floor in a public washroom? I don't think so!
I also let my hair down :)

For my night makeup, I just made everything darker. Once again, you can re-do your makeup in a public washroom.. you do not have to go back home to go from your day look to your night look. Just carry your blazer, heels, & a makeup pouch with you to help you through the transition. Here are the makeup products that I used:

  • Marks & Spencer blush
  • Rimmel Colour Rush Quad eyeshadow in 001 Smokey Noir (I used the black on the lid & lightest colour: silver to touch-up on my highlight)
  • Sephora lipgloss in Rosy Glow
  • Almay blendable eye pencil in black (on the waterline)
  • Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara in 02 Black (re-applied a little mascara to make my lashes bold against the dark eyeshadow)
You can see the cheek colour is darker, but in this pic with the flash on, the eyeshadow looks like a dark gray. I didn't take off my pink eyeshadow from before. I just took the black eyeshadow & blended it inward from the outer corner.

You can kind of see the dark eyeshadow in the pics below. When I uploaded the pics, I realized that none of the pics showed the proper colour of the dark makeup, so I took another pic (the pic on the right). As you can see, by that point I had already changed my clothes & earrings.

Close up of the eyes. Once again, the eyeshadow looks like it's a dark gray, but at least it's different than it was in the day look.

So as you can see, you only need a few items to go from a day to night look. If you don't have time, don't worry because you can achieve a different look in just 10 minutes! I mean really, it doesn't take that long to change your blazer & heels & darken your makeup. Also, I love blazers so I used blazers for both my looks, so I guess this transition would be great for the fall season when it's not too hot & not too cold & you can sport a blazer in the day as well as at night. You can also just put on a shirt/blouse/etc. at night instead of the blazer, put some heels on, darken your makeup, & you'll be ready for a night out in no time :)

Btw, this is an entry for Vanessa's Day to Night contest. Check out her blog. She posts the cutest hauls. Hope you liked the look.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

o.b. tampon samples

Most women would agree with me that they're never looking forward to that time of the month. Some dread it & others just want it to pass by as quickly as possible. However, it is something that all women go through, which is why I think women will be interested in this free sample: o.b.'s free tampon samples!

It seems like o.b. tampon samples have been around for a while, but I got mine recently. The tampons are "mighty small" (as described on the website) & do not have an applicator.

Here is the 1st question in the top 5 frequently asked questions on their website:
I’m not sure about not having an applicator. Why doesn’t an o.b.® tampon have one?

An o.b.® tampon is designed not to have an applicator. However, it is not uncommon for a woman to feel somewhat uncomfortable, at first, about inserting a tampon with her fingertip. Using a fingertip is a natural way of placing the tampon, so it can be positioned in the most comfortable position and where it can protect best. Applicators are stiff, while the vagina curves. The fingertip can follow the natural curves of the vaginal canal.

To view other F.A.Q's, click here or visit

The 3 tampon samples arrive in a little carrying case. I have added a picture below in which you can see exactly how small the carrying case is as compared to a pencil.
It's great because you can carry it in a mini clutch or if you're not carrying a clutch, you can slip it in your jeans pocket because it's so small! I haven't tried the tampons yet, but I've heard bout the brand & the product sounds good, so I'm sure I'll like it.

By now I'm sure you want to get your hands on the sample, so without further delay... There are 2 different links below. One is for residents of Canada & the other is for residents of the U.S.A.
Residents of the Canada, click here to receive your free o.b. tampon samples (or visit Once the page loads, click "Free Trial Offer" on the top right hand corner.

Residents of the U.S.A., click here to receive your free o.b. tampon samples (or visit Once the page loads, click "here" (written in pink).
Both links will take you to a short form that you have to fill out in order to receive your samples. Just fill out the form & you'll receive your samples in a few weeks. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Henna Design #5

This henna design was done the night before I was going to a wedding. I wanted to put some henna on cause I hardly ever get the chance to get dolled up desi (South Asian) style. So besides dressing up traditionally, I thought I'd add a little extra desi-ness by applying henna.

[Click image to enlarge]

To view all the henna designs that I've posted so far, click here.
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