Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: BH Cosmetics Eye Brushes

I've been trying out 3 eye brushes by BH Cosmetics since the beginning of the year and I feel like I've used them enough to be comfortable to review them.

I wasn't sure if I'd like these brushes since I haven't heard much about them & also because they're priced pretty low, which made me wonder about the quality. I'll be reviewing each brush individually, but in general, I experienced very minimal shedding and I've washed these brushes 4 times already. I like that the handles don't have a shiny finish, however, I wish the handles had the names of the respective brushes on them. Also, it would be nice if the bristles were a bit softer.

The comparison pic shows a pencil & MAC 217 brush so you can tell how long the handles are & how big the bristles are.

Regular price: $3.95
"Equipped with impossibly soft, fluffy bristles, this elegant brush seamlessly blends your most glamorous color choices for eyes, cheeks, and brow bones. The ultimate effect? Exquisite" - BH Cosmetics

This brush is my favourite out of the 3. It works best when I'm blending colour on my browbone or above the crease. I've used this brush to apply & blend eyeshadow as a highlight on my cheekbones & on the bridge of my nose as well. Another great use for it is to set my under eye concealer & the concealer around my nose with powder. Even though this brush is multi-purpose, I've grabbed it the most on days when I'm in a rush & just want to add a dark brown eyeshadow to my crease for a bit of definition.
If you're not using a brush guard, its bristles splay a bit after a few uses, but that's the case with most fluffy blending brushes till you wash the brush & reshape it. This brush has only shed 1-2 bristles in the past few months.

BH Cosmetics Smudge Brush
Regular price: $6.95
"Smoldering beauties need just the right amount of glamorous eye shadow smudge. That's why we're so excited about our new smudge brush!" - BH Cosmetics

This is my least used out of the 3, but it happens to be the most dense. It works best to pack on the colour in the crease since it's a small dome shape. I've used it in the tearduct area, but I've found it a bit big for my liking. Personally this brush works well for me when I'm trying to pack on the colour in concentrated areas, but I like to blend the colour out with another brush. The main reason why I don't blend with this brush is because it's bristles aren't as soft since it's a smudge brush & not a blending brush. I mainly use it to pack colour because I prefer smaller brushes when smudging on the lower lashline. I don't smudge the eyeliner on my upper lashline, so I can't say how well this brush would work for that.
This brush hasn't shed at all.

BH Cosmetics Angled Shadow Brush
Regular price: $3.95
"Here's a new angle on beauty: now you can apply your favorite BH Cosmetics eye shadows with sleek precision. This brush's plush, silky bristles, crafted at a jaunty and oh-so-effective slant, make sure of it." - BH Cosmetics

This brush is pretty dense and I've used it the most while doing smokey eyes since it packs on the colour, but I can blend the colour upward with it too. I like using it with dark colours in the outer V because I can easily create a wing with the eyeshadow & use that as a guide. It works really well while packing colour in the crease, browbone, or under the brow. I've also used the tip of the brush to place eyeshadow in the tearduct area & that worked out fine. I like how the angle on the brush isn't too steep so I can use it to place colour in the crease area as well.
This brush shed 1-2 bristles in the past few months.

So those were my thoughts on the 3 brushes. The brushes were sent to me by BH Cosmetics & even though they were probably expecting me to review these a lot sooner, I wanted to test them out a little longer for shedding & quality, but they held up pretty well. As always, my opinions haven't been swayed & I am putting out this review after a few months of testing.
I've already posted a few looks using a customized palette from BH Cosmetics & I will be doing a review on that as well. For now, you can check out the products on their website, Facebook page, &/or Twitter & take advantage of their Birthday Sale (40% off  all 120 eyeshadow palettes).

Anyway, I think I'm just a little biased toward blending brushes in general. They also have a fan brush that I've been eyeing.
What kind of brushes do you like the most?


Basma said...

I have recently got the BH Cosmetics eye brushes :) i m so glad to read your review about those :) i hope to have good experience like yours

April 12, 2012 at 3:04 AM

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