Monday, September 29, 2014

Coral Lips at the Shooting Range

I went to a shooting range 5 months ago (April) & I wanted to keep my makeup light for the occasion. I went with lots of mascara, a bright inner corner/tearduct area, slightly contoured cheeks, & a light coral lip.

Usually I prefer matte lips, but since the rest of the look was simple, I decided to try out some coral lippies sent by Mary Kay's PR to add a pop of colour. The names of these products are so cute!

I lightly applied the Mary Kay At Play lip crayon in Coral Me Crazy. This lip crayon has a lot of shimmer & I don't like shimmer in my lip products at all. The lip crayon also made the dry patches of my lips stand out more.
So I decided to top off that lip crayon with a bit of the Mary Kay At Play jelly lip gloss in Poppy Love in hopes of toning down the dryness. I loved this jelly lip gloss right away. It made my lips look 5 times better than when I just wore the lip crayon alone. The jelly lip gloss is a bit sheer, so it added the right amount of colour (& would look gorgeous when worn alone). The gloss is also a bit sticky though, but it was not uncomfortable.

This combo stayed on my lips for about 4 hours. When everything wore off, the shimmers from the lip crayon stayed behind, which I wasn't a fan of. Both products are buildable, which I really like. I think the lip crayon would look nice by itself on light skintones - just make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying it though.

Do you tone down your makeup looks depending on where you're going?  I find that I've started doing that a lot.

P.S. I posted this look/products on Instagram the night these pics were originally taken - months ago. Click here to see that pic. I'm def way more active on Instagram, so follow me there for more updates.



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