Monday, October 13, 2014

Brown Smokey Eyes & Bold Lips for the Spark Sessions Conference

It's no surprise that I've been slacking at blogging, but you may have noticed that I'm trying to get back into the groove of things. If not, then click either (or both) of the links below that will take you to my recent posts - they will open up in a new window, so you won't be interrupted.

I'm planning on updating the blog regularly starting next week. I have a few ideas for posts, but if you'd like to see something specific, leave a comment below or get in touch through any other social media accounts that you follow me on.

Now that I'm trying to blog more, I thought I'd enter a contest to win a trip to attend the 2014 Spark Sessions Conference, which is Canada's fashion & beauty blogger conference. It's about time I took this blog to the next level & I think that being able to attend the conference would be the perfect opportunity to push me in the right direction.

This is my entry for the contest - a makeup look that I would most likely wear to the conference. Now, this was a bit hard for me because when I travel I usually I tend to pack way more products than I would need & do my makeup depending on my mood that day. Am I the only one who does this?

The look that I decided on was a smokey brown eye, winged black eyeliner, falsies, lots of mascara on my bottom lashes, & bold red lips. It's classic & it would go with any outfit. The look is quite dramatic so I filled in my eyebrows slightly to pull the look together.
& of course, I can't forget the heavily contoured & highlighted cheeks. It's my favourite part! Although, I will have to remind myself to go easy with contouring & highlighting my cheekbones - that's one thing I tend to go a bit overboard with.

Do you think I should add some colour to the look if I win? *fingers crossed*



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