Monday, November 3, 2014

Tarte Cosmetics Brushes for a Flawless Base

If you are someone who has to travel during holiday season, picking outfits ahead of time, packing presents, & packing all your hair, makeup, & skincare products can be a mission. To some people I know it might seem a bit early to speak about the holidays, but it’s already November & Sephora has its holiday gift sets on display. Tarte cosmetics is one of those brands that always has pretty holiday gift sets. This year, I decided to browse through their products online & I really liked some of the tarte cosmetics makeup brushes. The 3 makeup brushes that caught my eye will help you achieve a flawless base, which is important especially during the holidays when you’re taking lots of group pictures & selfies.


This brush is actually on tarte’s best sellers list. It’s dense, which will allow for a full coverage application. It’s also fairly large, which means you can buff your foundation in quicker & it’s supposed to give you an airbrush finish. Quick & easy full coverage = perfect!


Whether I apply liquid or powder foundation, one step that I make sure I don’t skip is brushing through my brows with a spoolie brush. I do this because I already have really dark, full brows & I don’t fill them in unless I’m wearing a lot of eye makeup for a special occasion. Since I don’t do anything to my brows on a regular basis, I go over them with a spoolie brush to make sure the eyebrow hair is brushed through & in one direction instead of being all over the place since my eyebrow hair is long too. It also gets rid of any foundation that I may have buffed on to my eyebrows while applying it & my eyebrows look dark again.

If I was filling in my brows, I would use the angled side of the brush & I know a lot of women would use it for this purpose. However, if you’re someone like me & you already have full brows that you don’t fill in, you can use the angled brush with gel eyeliner to create a classic winged eyeliner look. I also use angled brushes to apply eyeshadow to my lower lashline, so this brush is definitely a winner for me.


Even on days when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, I love sculpting & defining my cheekbones & this is such a great multi-purpose dual-ended brush for doing that. This brush may be used in a lot of ways depending on your preference of how sharp you like your features to appear. The rounded end may be used to buff out any cream or liquid highlighter. Due to the brush being so dense, you may also use it to pack on a lot of product in the hollows of your cheeks to contour.

The angled end allows for easy product placement. It may be used to buff & blend out any product packed on in the hollows of your cheeks with the rounded end. If you’re not a fan of a really sharp contour, you may use the angled end alone to apply your contour powder lightly & this will give you a more natural contour. This end can also be used to apply blush once you are done contouring.

I love how these brushes would allow me to achieve a perfect base & save room so I can pack all my eye makeup brushes, which I have the hardest time narrowing down. These tarte cosmetics brushes are made from sustainably harvested bamboo. The bamboo handles along with the gold ferrules & densely packed bristles give these brushes a luxurious feel. & who doesn’t want that luxurious feeling during the holidays?


*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me using images from the brand's website.


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