Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Valentine's Day Eve I Bring to You...

30 giveaways instead of a dozen roses :P

Some of you might remember that I used to update my contests & giveaways post regularly to keep my readers updated on the amazing bloggers who gave away amazing things to appreciate their readers. I stopped doing this because I did not receive prizes for 2 of the contests that I won, which really turned me off & I didn't want to be promoting contests as such.

But today, on Valentine's Day Eve I present to you a list of 30 giveaways. Originally the list just had a dozen giveaways, but guess the bloggers have been feeling uber generous around Valentine's Day, haha. They're listed in order depending on which one ends first, so the work's done for you. Aren't you lucky ;) Just click the title of the contest to go to the bloggers giveaway page.

1) Help Awilda Hearts Makeup reach 1,000 followers on Twitter TODAY!

Prize: 1 MAC Viva Glam lipstick: Exclusive colour from Cindy Lauper OR Lady Gaga
Ends: Today
Twitter Page:

2) 50+ giveaway
Prize: pictures on the blog
Ends: Feb 13
3) A dozen nail polish roses!

Prize: You HAVE to see this even if you don't use nail polishes!! Such a creative idea
Ends: Feb 14

4) Spoiled Rotten wants to spoil you rotten! (Ok, that was a wee bit cheesy)

Prizes: A little sneak peak in this post
Ends: Feb 14

5) Showing love when she reached her 500 followers point
Prize: OPI, MAC, Inglot, YSL. See the picture on the blog
Ends: Feb 14
6) 100th Post Giveaway
Prize: 2 sets of prizes
Ends: Feb 14
7) Polish & Fing'rs Giveaway
Prize: So many goodies for your nails!
Ends: Feb 14
8) Lancome giveaway
Prize: watch Michelle Phan's video on the blog - you have a chance to win all
the Lancome products that she's using
Ends: Monday night (Feb 15)
9) Win an Illamasqua Intense lipgloss in Petulant
Prize: as stated in title - go to blog to see the colour of the gloss
Ends: Feb 15
10) Valentine's day mini giveaway
Prize: Super cute bobby pins & more. Check out the blog for the prize
Ends: Feb 16
11) Little Thank-You Giveaway
Prize: Mascara, lipbalm, earrings, makeup pouch
Ends: Feb 19
12) US & Canadian residents have a chance to win some Stila items
Prize: 4 Stila items (as pictured on blog)
Ends: Feb 19
13) 300 readers giveaway
Prize: Visit blog for details
Ends: Feb 21
14) Goodies!
Prize: TheBalm, ELF, etc
Ends: February 25
15) Urban Decay galore!
Prize: A huge UD gift pack
Ends: Feb 28
16) NARS, Sonia Kashuk, MAC, & more

Prize: Products from brands mentioned above & more (picture on blog)
Ends: Feb 28
17) So many prizes & all you have to do is enter!
Prize: Pictures on blog
Ends: Feb 28
18) Canadians, Win a gift basket worth over $500!!
Prize: visit the link to see the goodies in the gift basket. How can you not
want this baby!?!?
Ends: March 1
19) Goodies from Lush & much more
Prize: Loads of pictures up on the blog
Ends: March 1
20) Sarah's 100+ followers giveaway
Prize: a lot of products (pictures on blog)
Ends: March 1

21) Win Korres Lip Butter & Philosophy Acne Kit

Prize: Go to blog for pics & details
Ends: March 1
22) Mini giveaway
Prize: Soap & Glory, MAC, chocos
Ends: March 2
23) 250 followers giveaway

Prize: 1 MAC lipstick of your choice + 1 MAC lipglass of your choice
Ends: March 2

24) 50 followers giveaway
Prize: Lush, Gosh, Sop & Glory, etc
Ends: March 2
25) 200 followers giveaway
Prize: Lush, Barry M, Gosh, etc (picture on blog)
Ends: March 3

26) Makeup, Body care, jewelry, & more

Prize: picture on blog
Ends: March 9

27) Itsura's First Giveaway

Prize: A lot of Estee Lauder products & more!
Ends: March 11

28) Go Green Giveaway

Prize: Earth-friendly products, obviously
Ends: March 15
29) Smashbox, Bourjois, MAC, Rimmel
Prize: the brands listed above (picture on blog)
Ends: March 22
30) Lush, Lush, & MORE LUSH? Oh, & some other things too
Prize: If you haven't guessed already, tons of Lush products & some other
brands including MAC
Ends: April 10

So there you have it. 30 great giveaways! Hope everyone enters.. I know I sure will!

Till next time.

P.S. I am not affiliated with any of the blogs metioned above. I'm just one of their readers so if by any chance you win & the prizes weren't described accurately or up to your expectations, please don't blame me.


Musicalhouses said...

I love your blog! I'm totally jealous of your blog layout! :D And I love your photos too..You're definitely very beautiful! And yes it does suck to not receive prizes for stuff you've won...That would totally turn me off reading that blog ever again :X

Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoyed your posts, and am following you now :) I don't wanna hardsell or anything, but if you do have time, please do vote for my blog (there are instructions in the header before the followers and posts) :) Thanks!

February 14, 2010 at 6:21 AM
Lulu said...

wow so many giveaways!!! thanks for letting us know all of them :) they all look so awesome :)

Thanks so much for your congratulations, we are very excited <3

February 15, 2010 at 4:58 AM
kimber doll said...

Love the layout of your blog, one of the most modern ones I've ever seen!! You are beautiful =)

February 16, 2010 at 3:54 PM
Metropolitan said...

Saim excellent post idea! You must have conducted vast amounts of research to write such a resource intensive post. Please continue blogging frequently, your posts are very entertaining, and I'm saying that from the heart. I've told you this before but I'm going to say it again, LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! Thanks again for the critical review and assistance with the launch of my new website, and it should be online for public viewing by this time next week. We've made a host of new changes after your insightful recommendations, and many more are soon to follow. As always, I look forward to your future posts. Cheers for now!

- Ashbee
Chief Editor,
Café Couture: Metropolitan

February 18, 2010 at 1:54 AM

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