Saturday, February 13, 2010

Under Construction

These past few months my laptop kept throwing problems at me right, left, & center. I finally have a new one though, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it & knew I had to make it mine. Now I'll finally be able to edit my posts, pictures, & layout.

I was planning on scrapping this blog completely & switching over to Wordpress because of the amazing layouts (have you seen those beauties? Blogger needs some sexy templates as well!!). I've decided to stick with this blog & change a few things though. One of the changes that you're going to notice is the new tagline: "Indulging in life's pleasures, one at a time!" In other words, I will be blogging more about indulging in various pleasures that life has to offer (more info on this later on). Another big change is that I finally got rid of the birdie layout. Even though the layout was cute, well structured, neat, & had great colour palette, I wasn't feeling the bird & flowers at all. I like a few things about my current layout (the drop down ribbon selections at the top of the page) & the way the date shows, but I'm still trying out layouts so don't be surprised if you see another one.

Next week is way too busy with university, but I have the week after that off & I plan on finalizing whichever layout I choose & making a few posts as well! Anyway, that was my little update & I'm looking forward to blogging somewhat regularly once again. Till then, you can follow my new twitter page to receive updates (the link is in the sidebar).

So how do you like the current layout & colour palette? Liked the old one better? Any suggestions?

Much love.


Evan Gonzalez said...

Great idea Saimese, change is good! blog facelifts are always a great idea to keep things fresh ;)

February 13, 2010 at 6:06 PM

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