Sunday, June 14, 2009

Natural Beauty by Aldo Facetti

I got a book from the library on natural treatments for healthier skin & hair. Most of the treatments in the book use ingredients & essential oils which I do not have at home & the majority of people don't keep these ingredients in their home either. I liked a small passage from the book though, so I thought I'd add that here.
" not forget that hair and fingernails are often the first parts of the body to tell you that something is wrong; you may not be ill, but pay attention to the alarm bell.
Avoid the mistake many make of thinking that hair is like grass and the more you 'prune' it and the more 'fertilizer' you put on it, the thicker and faster it will grow. The only ones likely to benefit from such treatments are the hair salons and the companies selling the products.
The fact is that a well-balanced diet, including fresh seasonal foods, is the best insurance policy that there is for guaranteeing strong hair and nails."
- Natural Beauty by Aldo Facetti. c1991
Of course I knew that diet is key to better health, but I didn't know that you can tell if something's wrong by examining the health of your hair & nails.

I really like using natural ingredients that you can find at home to use for face masks & I hardly ever use leave-in conditioners or deep conditioning hair masks. Instead, I try to oil my hair once a week using coconut oil. I used to apply almond oil, but coconut oil is much cheaper so I stick to that instead. I thought I'd find something in this book, but sadly, there are only a few treatments that I can prepare with the ingredients that I already have.

Which natural treatments have you tried? Have they worked for you or would you rather go for a quick fix & go to the salon or grab a product off the shelf instead of taking the time to prepare a natural treatment?


fantastic said...

i love the new layout! looks great :)
i use coconut oil on my hair as well--it's the best!

June 15, 2009 at 1:49 PM

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