Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9th Semi-Annual Kismet Wedding Show - featuring Frontier Heritage

Here's more from the fashion show at the 9th Semi-Annual Kismet Wedding Show. If you read my blog you might have seen my past two posts featuring Naz Fashion Bug & CTC West's designs. If not, I have linked the names of the boutiques to the posts so check those out.

Today, I'll be posting about Frontier Heritage - a boutique that I've visited before & loved. Some of the outfits at this boutique are so pretty & the boutique itself is nice & spacious. I'm including pictures of my favourite outfits from them at the fashion show & a video as well. The photos are shown in the order that they appeared in during the show.


I didn't get to capture the first 3 outfits in the video, but the first 3 outfits featured in this post were actually the first 3 outfits that Frontier Heritage presented on the runway.

Which one of these outfits would you like to wear?


Janella said...

I love Saris.... but i have one question are they allowed to show so much mid section? thats alot of belly im seeing here lol none the less they are beautiful. I wanted to wear one for my wedding (my hubby is Indian) but he hates them for some reason

February 16, 2012 at 9:42 AM

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