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Review: Senna Cosmetics

Have you heard about Senna Cosmetics? If you browse through beauty blogs & watch YouTube makeup gurus, then you might have come across this brand. If not, here's some information before the review:
  • Eugenia Weston: "the founder of Senna Cosmetics and founder of Senna Cosmetics and Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist."
  • "Senna is used by top TV and film artists and seen on hit shows including 'Heroes' and 'Ugly Betty'."
  • Eugenia Weston places a lot of focus on eyebrows, which I think is so important because your eyebrows are one of your most important features. I would love to get my eyebrows re-shaped by Eugenia Weston herself!
For more information on Eugenia Weston & Senna Cosmetics, click here.

The Senna Cosmetics Goodies
I was sent 8 products by Senna Cosmetics to review a while back. I've tested out these products for a while now so I'm comfortable enough to provide an honest review on them. The words that are in a smaller font are product descriptions taken directly from Senna Cosmetics' website. This product description is followed by my pictures & review of the specific products. I've listed the products from my least favourite to my most favourite as well, so let the countdown begin!

1. Angle Blush 506
Rounded front angle covers the apples of the cheeks and narrow tapered end softly blends color off the edge of the cheek naturally.
This brush would work really well as a contour brush. Personally, I think it's too small as a blush brush. That's also because I have high cheekbones so I don't like small blush brushes that will concentrate most of the colour in one place since that would sharpen my features even more. I've used this soft brush a few times though & I haven't experienced any shedding yet.

2. Liquid Ice - Illuminating Drops
Adds dewy overall glow or hints of moonlight - $17
This pearly white potion adds instant dewy glow to the entire face when added to liquid makeup, sheer tinted makeup and moisturizers. Dab onto the skin directly to highlight cheekbones, eyes, lip area, décolleté. No sparkles, just glow so it works well in daylight too. Just a few drops are all you’ll need. Oil-free formula is comfortable for all skins.
When I first tried this, I swatched a lot of it & didn't like the outcome, but a little goes a long way with this product. Since then I've only used a little bit & found that it's light, blends nicely, & adds a beautiful glow. I haven't used it on my cheekbones that much, however, I love using this as a highlight just under my brow bone & it would work great when applied to the décolleté as well. This product is great for nights out or special occasions!

3. Cream Lipstick in Plush
I've included 2 swatches of this lipstick. The first picture is how the lipstick looks on my skin tone in person. The second picture is taken in different lighting & even though that's not how the lipstick looks on me, I thought I'd include it just in case people with a lighter skin tone want to see what the lipstick would possibly look like on them.
I absolutely love how this lipstick glides on & looks. It's so moisturizing & creamy but without looking too glossy. The only con I have about this is that I got the wrong colour, so I haven't been able to wear it as much because I don't like how this particular shade looks on me when I'm tanned. Since I haven't worn this lipstick as much, I can't add it to my list of favourites by Senna Cosmetics, but I know if I got the right colour, I'd like it more than the other products listed below. I'm waiting for winter to kick in & my skin to get a little pale so I can use this lovely lipstick!

4 & 5. CreamLine in Jet and CreamLine Brush
CreamLine in Jet: Creamy mistake-proof texture redefines eye lining - $18.50
This rich cream eyeliner glides over lids, yes even wrinkled lids, like a dream. Gives a well-defined and softly matte finish that lasts and lasts. This is the solution for all who dread that ‘lining step.’ Use with CreamLine Brush only.
CreamLine Brush: Works with CreamLine eyeliner - $16
Firm enough to pick up dense creamy CreamLine color and softly tapered to glide color close to the lash line in a clean, even line. A must have tool.
The CreamLine liner was the product that I was most excited to try. The liner really does glide on like a dream and looks like you have pencil eyeliner on, instead of looking like you're wearing liquid eyeliner. The liner itself is easy to work with & doesn't flake for hours! I wouldn't recommend CreamLine if you rub your eyes lightly by mistake once in a while when you're wearing makeup though.
The CreamLine Brush works well with CreamLine & I love how easy it is to wing my eyeliner using this brush! The bristles are short, so I find it easier to apply CreamLine with the CreamLine Brush on my lower lashline too.
The 2 looks that I've already posted in which I've used CreamLine in Jet and the CreamLine Brush are GLITTERED WINGS & PARAKEET PINK. Check them out!

6. HD Hydra-Cover Concealer in Shade 02 (Medium to Dark Skin Tones)
Editor’s choice high tech flaw fixer - $38
High tech HD light diffusing pigments, Hyaluronic filling spheres, and collagen stimulating Malachite create this unparalleled wonder working total face concealer. This silky, light as air formula uses light reflection instead of opacity to diminish flaws as it brightens skin, fills in wrinkles, and boosts skin renewal. Licorice extract helps firm up puffiness. Three corrective shades cancel under eye darkness, facial pigmentation, redness and blemishes. Brush included.
I love how smoothly this concealer goes on & blends in without much effort. I've been using this a lot especially since my sleep schedule is messed up & I wake up with dark circles a little too often these days. Since I'm usually at university almost all day, I don't like having much makeup on & I'm so glad that this concealer is actually "light as air," which is why I've been using it a lot more too! The 3 different shades are great because you can most likely use this all year round depending on how much you tan or how pale you get.

7. Airbrush Face 25
Softly shagged brush is ultra soft for swirling in powders and blending color over the face.
I feel like this brush is the perfect size for a blush brush for me because of my facial structure, so I actually use this with the cream blush instead of using it as a face brush. I've only had 2 or 3 bristles shed so far & let me tell you, I've used this brush A LOT already.

8. Cheeky Blush in Daydream (soft apricot)
A brilliant cream blush that is a powder too - $19
If powders act dry and creams too short-lived, you’ll love this combination blush. You’ll have the lively glow of a cream with the lasting power of a powder. Dab it on and forget it all day.
The pictures below are of the same swatch. The one on the left shows less of the colour but more of the glowy effect that the blush gives. In the right picture, the colour is prominent.
This bring us down to my favourite product & of course it's a blush! Ever since I've started using blushes, I've fallen in love with them & this blush is no exception. You can tell how much I like this blush & how much I've used it by looking at the lid (the logo is almost off)! I would definitely justify paying $19 for this baby! You can build up the gorgeous colour as much as you like. I like using this blush at night, especially if I'm going out since it gives my skin a glow. It also lasts longer than I had expected it to.

So there you have it. My review on the 8 products sent over to me by Senna Cosmetics! But, I'm not done just yet...

Other products that I'm loving from the site:

It should be no surprise that blushes are on the top of my list!
Sheer Matte Blush in Sateen and Joy
Sheer Glow Blush in Rapture Too
Cheeky Blush in Tigress
Eye brushes: Crease 27, Angle Fluff 505, Feather 15
Matte Eye Colours in Midnight, Chocolate Plum, Eggplant, Sphinx
Cream Lipstick in Veronica


Monika said...

Love the handle colour of the brushes & I really like the lipstick, very natural.

October 29, 2010 at 5:28 PM
Sara.H said...

I am in love with the lip color! Great review :)

October 30, 2010 at 2:01 AM
indianmakeupways said...

love the blush and the lipstick looks awesome

October 30, 2010 at 9:22 AM
Keisha said...

Thanks for the follow hun I have followed you in return! I love your blog your very beautiful, thanks for the review I really love the lipstick (=


October 31, 2010 at 10:41 PM
Beauty♕Ambition★ said...

im loving the lip shades

November 1, 2010 at 2:02 AM

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